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Software and Services for the Next Millennium

Web Services
We now offer Web Page Design and Web Hosting services. Our programmers are already developing new and innovative HTML and JAVA applications for our customers. Watch here for exciting announcements in the near future. You can e-mail us at support@jkdirect.com for more information or to have us call to discuss your Web Page project.
Manufacturing We offer a suite of database products to help companies meet  ISO9000 compliance. We also build Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems using the latest technology in machine controls, plus many other specialized systems to control and record production, line speed, scrap, downtime, and other important operating conditions. Projects include Unattended Data Loggers, Batch-Weigh systems,  and various Instrumentation & Control strategies.
We designed the Floppy Grade Book program, a complete Grade Book on a floppy disk that can be carried everywhere. Our Student Master Database has features that include Lead Management, Financial Aid, Grades and Transcripts, and Placement with Employer-Student activity tracking.
Office Automation
We build custom databases to support various office and accounting functions, with virtually unlimited reporting capability. We also provide custom reports for existing databases.
Inventory Control
We design and build Inventory Management and Point-of-Sale systems. Our software supports bar-code readers and printers, digital piece-weight scales, and other devices that reduce labor, and increase accuracy and efficiency. We also provide inventory control databases that can be installed in your customer's facilities and managed remotely by you.
We utilize experienced professionals with broad backgrounds in engineering, manufacturing, sales, and business management to help provide solutions for your business.
We have been building networked PC systems for over ten years. We partner with networking professionals in your local area to install and configure your network for the highest performance and reliability. We support most business networks, including Microsoft and Novell.
We provide our customers with the latest PC hardware and accessories at competitive prices. Component warranties range from one to three years.
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