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Choosing the Right Solution

Here are some guidelines to use in choosing the right interface for your database:
  • Character Interfaces are used mainly for fast, reliable data input in data entry systems, dirty shop floor environments, or anywhere a mouse-driven interface would slow down data input. The user captures the required data with a bar-code reader, number pad, or keyboard. Screen navigation is automatically controlled by the program. The PC can be turned off any time without damage to the database. Boot-up is very fast; 10-15 seconds typical. MS Windows is not required. (These programs will , however, run inside a window on a standard Windows PC)
  • Graphical Interfaces are used in cleaner factory and office environments, where data input speed is not as much of a factor. Graphical versions of our programs look and feel just like any other Windows program. A mouse is required for screen navigation. MS Windows is required.
  • Stability and Reliability:  Databases with the Non-Graphical Character Interface are more stable and reliable. When properly designed, they will run safely in a window, because the database does not hold files open while the user is working on the screen. Therefore, when the Windows system freezes, (as it often does), the database is not damaged. Only the information on the screen is lost.
  • Character Interface programs do not attach themselves to your Windows operating system. They can be removed by simply erasing the files. No "Uninstall" is necessary. 
    Graphical Interface programs are much larger, and are available only on Compact Disk (CD). These programs must be "Uninstalled" from the Windows operating system to remove them. 

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