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We utilize experienced professionals with broad backgrounds in engineering, manufacturing, sales, and business management to help provide solutions for your business. Here are some of the individuals providing leadership in these areas.

Joe Pecchia
With over 20 years experience in the manufacturing and service industries, Joe has worked with hundreds of companies to provide solutions to their various needs. He has significant experience in Plant Automation, Batch-Weigh Mixing applications, Automatic Palletizers, Conveyors, and Web Page Design. 

You can contact Joe at: jpecchia@jkdirect.com

Tom Caras
Tom has 25 years of Business Management experience, running a successful service business. His specialties include various Weighing and Measuring systems, Conveying, and Factory Automation.

You can contact Tom at: tcaras@jkdirect.com

John Kukura
John has over 20 years of Project Management, Engineering, and Business Management experience, primarily in manufacturing and service companies. His background includes Relational Database Design, Novell and Microsoft networks, Instrumentation and Electronics, Data Acquisition, and Web Page Design. 

You can contact John at: jkukura@jkdirect.com

Andy Kadvan
Andy has 25 years experience in Instrumentation and Electronics, Controls, and Computer Programming. His background includes Data Acquisition, Process Controls, Web Page Design, and various programming and networking projects.

You can contact Andy at: akadvan@jkdirect.com

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